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MEEDEN Acrylic Painting Set with Art Accessories, 24 Colors

SKU BM-0027
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  • WHAT'S INSIDE: 1 x aluminum easel, 24 x 120ml acrylic paints, 10 x artist-grade paintbrushes, 20 x disposable palette sheets, 1 x transparent oval-shaped acrylic palette,10 x 9"x12" canvas sheets, 2 x 11''x14'' stretched canvases & 6 x canvas panels, 2 x stainless steel palette knives.
  • DURABLE TABLETOP EASEL: Made of quality aluminum, plus a tripod structure, built only to last in long-term use. The easel weighs only 1LB but can sturdily hold canvas 21'' in height so that you can bring it anywhere - an afternoon backyard field painting or an improvisation on a narrow workspace.
  • HEAVY BODY ACRYLIC PAINTS: 12 basic colors feature highly pigmented with a satin finish, quick-dry, and always keep the figure up as oil paints do. 6 metallic paints offer rich, glossy, and metal-like hues. 6 fluorescents provide a neon atmosphere and high saturation in your paintings.
  • ONE SET COVERS ALL NEEDS: 8(stretched or paneled) canvases for you to create serious artwork, and a 10-sheet canvas pad can be implemented for some exercises. The brush set has been updated inside-out from an artistic package to high-tech brush hair. 20-sheet disposable palette pad and a solid transparent palette are available. We have all other accessories, such as a pencil or its sharpener, for you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Good set

This is a good art set. It has everything you need to get started.

Roxanne Levy
Nice gift set

This is a nice set for anyone to open up and just start painting. It comes with everything you need. I am not a fan of the tabletop easel but other than that I am happy with it. The metallic and florescent paints are so neat.

Heather Allgood

Since I've recently reignited my passion for art, receiving this set has made me so happy! It has everything you need to paint. They include a nice palette, but also include disposable paper palettes, which is great. There are multiple options for canvases and a fantastic set of brushes. The easel is foldable and easy to use. I absolutely love this entire set! It would make a great gift for anyone who loves painting. I highly recommend this product!

Aisling D.
A magnificent, high-quality art studio in a box. A tremendous value!

The size and scope of this acrylic paint set is breathtaking, and I'm not someone who says that casually. This really is a complete art studio - from paints to brushes to palette paper to canvases, and even an easel - that deserves far more than five stars. I'd rate it far higher if I could.I'm finicky about acrylic paints. First of all, I'm an oil paint enthusiast; unless the acrylic paint colors - pigment as well as thickness - are "just so," I'm unlikely to be impressed.To my surprise, this Meeden set dazzled me.I started by testing the set's basic red, yellow, and blue colors, to see how thick the paint was and how well I could mix colors with it.The paint is moderately thick - not as thick as oil paint, but thicker than many watery, budget acrylics - with remarkable consistency of texture and pigment. It's pretty much flawless.They also mix superbly.My only gripe is how difficult it was to get the metal seals (the ones that keep the paint from drying out in shipment) off the tips of each tube, but that's a minor complaint and wouldn't deter me from recommending this set.The array of colors and effects (including metallic paints) is remarkable.I've never seen a kit like this that also includes fluorescent paints, as well. That's a major plus for both budding and professional artists who want to try some cool, special effects.Also, the size of each tube is far larger than most sets of acrylic paints... by a lot. Easily double (and sometimes triple) the size of other sets I've tried.(However, I think most active and professional artists - including me - will go through the white paint pretty quickly. The tube is large, and the pigment is fairly thick, but since I work with a lot of pastel shades and lay the paint on heavily, I'll probably need more white after around 15-or-so square feet of painting. But this should be noted: I'll order more Meeden white acrylic paint. It's that buttery smooth and the quality is exceptional.)These paints remain workable for just the right amount of time, without using an acrylic painting medium. They dry to the touch within an hour or two, depending on the number of layers and thickness with which you've applied the paint.I tested the paints twice for this review. In my photos, the predominantly blue/dotted painting was my test of a "mark making" style of painting, applying thick layers of paint, one over another, impulsively and as fast as I could.If you're "making marks," this paint dries quickly enough to allow for fresh layers of paint/marks, but slowly enough that - if you're working quickly and spontaneously - you can work fresh colors into the previous (still moist) layer for blending.The painting on the black canvas was intended to test how opaque the paints are. As you can see, their coverage is excellent. Those are the basic colors, not the fluorescent ones, and they maintain their brilliance and clarity, even with quick, bold brush strokes.And then there are the brushes in this kit. They're well-crafted, and well above "student grade."The bristles flex nicely but are rigid enough to apply thick layers of paint if you want to. I used the kit's brushes for my sample art, and I'm impressed by how well these brushes apply paint - thick or thin - almost effortlessly. (That is, I didn't have to consciously apply pressure or go back and load more paint, to get the effects I wanted.)The variety of brushes is ideal, and the handles are nice and long if you're painting at a full-sized easel. I'll continue using these among my favorite go-to paintbrushes.Speaking of easels, the included easel is okay for using when you're painting, but it's best for displaying the finished art. (I own a full-sized portable easel by Meeden, and it's one of the best I've ever seen. Amazon carries that easel, and I recommend it.)In this kit, the included canvases are of very good quality and ideal dimensions; you'll receive stretched canvases, canvas panels, and canvas papers, in various very useful sizes. (I know: I keep saying "excellent" and "ideal," etc., but really, this Meeden kit is that good.)The palette paper is good and sturdy, with enough palette pages to last quite a while.Everything about this Meeden kit is high quality, and a truly tremendous value. For beginners or pros, you'll receive what's essentially a fully equipped art studio in a box.And, unlike a lot of painting kits, these supplies will last you a very long time. Definitely recommended!

Andi G
Amazing set!

This is an amazing value. Tons of paint, the canvases, brushes and an easel. I was expecting the paint tubes to be cheap but they are really nice and good quality paints I love the options with the different types of canvas. I think this would be a great gift item especially if you have a teenager interested in art. Or even any adult who wants to dabble in it, because you aren't breaking the bank for quality products plus it's a good variety of things to try.

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