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MEEDEN Artist Acrylic Painting Set with Sketch Easel Box

SKU BM-0017
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  • WHAT'S INSIDE: 1 x sketch easelbox, 10 x 60ml acrylic paints, 1 x paintbrush set, 1 x 100ml modeling paste, 1 x 100ml gloss varnish, 1 x100ml gel medium, 1 x disposable palette pad, 1 x canvas pad, 2 x detail paintbrushes, 1 x stretched canvas, 3 x canvas panels, 2 x palette knives, 1 x drawing pencil, 1 x eraser, 1 x utility knife.
  • UPDATED EASELBOX: The painting set includes a tabletop easel box for you to easily and neatly store all painting supplies or treat it like a regular tabletop easel that can hold canvas up to 27½'' in height. The inner space has 4 removable dividers that allow artists to customize their storage by habit.
  • SILKY ACRYLIC PAINTS: Come with 9 x 60ml of acrylic paint (plus 1 tube of titanium white). Smoothness begins from the squeezing to the strokes brushing on multiple surfaces. Once you are adapted to the satin painting experience, we've prepared different mediums: modeling paste, gel medium, and gloss varnish for more extended applications.
  • THOUGHTFUL GIFT FOR ARTISTS: The MEEDEN painting set is quality materials made and certified to various safety standards. So it's not only figuratively the last-minute safest gift for your artist friends but also the 100% non-toxic and harmless present for all-level artists' big day, literally.
  • MEEDEN for ULTIMATE SATISFACTION: MEEDEN is more like a family with hundreds of members wholly dedicated to helping you succeed in your artistic endeavors through high-quality, unique art supplies. And like a family, we stick together, and if anything goes south, you can always rely on MEEDEN, through thick and thin - give us a little sign - a mail, a call, or a message.
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    L. Alexis

    This paint box is impressive.The paints are not watered down, the colors are vibrant, the paint brushes included are very nice (different sizes), the canvases are new and the carrying case comes (which breaks down into different compartments to hold items neatly) with a built-in easel. The paint set that I received is not of cheap quality.

    hob gadling
    Good for beginners comprehensive

    This is a great set for acrylic painting beginners. It comes with a canvas, and it comes with a multitude of different acrylic paint colors, and it's very self sufficient so I would recommend giving this as a gift to a painting novice or if you're trying to pick up a new skill, it's good for beginners

    Joyous unboxing for art lovers and then joyous compact storage as well

    The scale and scope of these supplies is impressive. The young adult artist of our household joyously unboxed and tried out paints, brushes, a slick paper pad of palette sheets, a book of tear-out real canvas sheets, and literally every supply needed to create a legitimate artwork suitable for hanging. Then, everything fit back into its sturdy travel case. The easel portion of the outside of the case securely holds the framed canvas that comes with the set. The paints seemed good quality and blended well, and the palette sheets are glossy and nothing bleed through to the lower sheet. This would be a good addition to an existing collection of art supplies as well as an inspirational gift to an aspiring artist.

    Fantastic kit, would make a great gift for a student

    I have many years of experience with art and art supplies, and I am very impressed with this kit, especially for the price. They really thought of everything, from the pencil and eraser right up to the tabletop sketch box easel and canvases in several formats. They even included palette knives, modeling paste, gel medium, and varnish! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a kit as complete as this one. It is obviously a student grade set, but it is well made and nicely finished, and would make a lovely gift for someone who is just getting into acrylic painting, or for someone who wants to paint plein air but would prefer not to take their expensive studio supplies outside. The paint colors provided will facilitate color mixing and learning about color theory. One word of warning if you’re planning to gift this to a child: you’ll probably want to remove the craft knife from the set. It would not be at all noticeable if you did so, and everything else in the kit should be perfectly safe for a young person to use with proper supervision depending on age.

    R. Jones
    One of the Best Items I have Ever Reviewed for Amazon to Date - 6 Star!!!

    Wow...I don't even know where to start with this. This easel box is unreal! First let me say, I am a part-time professional artist for going on 25 years now...and this box blew me away. I have two other professional easel boxes similar to this in my studio. The two I have cost hundreds of dollars and have a few more features, but THIS box could easily rival them both. These boxes are used primarily for plein air art (ie... on location outside painting), but can be used indoors as well. The reason for this, is the easel boxes dynamic ability to effectively provide a portable compact studio on demand. Landscape artists LOVE these boxes!! They are a must have!!! With that being said, let me go over some of the things I love about this box!1. The box is supplied with EVERYTHING you need. Not kidding! You can pull this directly from it's packaging, load it up in the car...and go!! Everything you need has already been packed for you other than maybe...a rag I guess.. You will be hard up to find many kits that will do this for you.2. The quality of the this easel box is wonderful. The box is rugged, tight and holds together very well when transporting. The last thing you want is for the box to unexpectedly open up on you when walking thru the park or on a mountain trail. That would be a disaster!!3. Quality of the art supplies it comes with!! Wow!! I was very impressed. Whomever put this art kit together knew what they were doing. The brushes aren't top of the line obviously, BUT they are good enough to do the work (Besides...most artists will have their own brushes they will take with them anyways. I was no exception). BUT...these brushes are still perfect AND they even come with their own holder AND some fine detail brushes!! That is a huge plus, because when you are out on location, finding a spot to temporarily place you brushes is difficult enough, having a brush holder is a life saver (and brush saver!). The paint is a very good quality paint. Nice smooth lumps or watered out tubes. This kit also comes with...not one, but two pallet knifes. Most kits don't even supply you with one!!4. Canvas, canvas and more canvas!! This kit comes with various size canvas boards, stretched canvas AND a canvas pad (to do your thumbnails on)!! What the heck?? Where was this kit when I was a kid??? The easel board does a great job holding the canvas boards. When your finished painting, you simply leave it in place to dry, or...if the painting is still can pull the painting out, flip it over, and re attach it to the mounts to protect it during transportation home.I do recommend a few things to consider when purchasing this...1. This kit is heavy! Just like any plain air easel box, they have some weight to them. This easel box is made of wood and when fully loaded could weigh as much as 20 to 25 lbs. For this reason, most artists will get a luggage carrier with wheels for easier transport. They do make some that double as a backpack too. So if your planning to transport this long distance to your perfect painting location, please take this into consideration. This box does have a handle and can be carried like a suitcase, but after a while, your arm may get sore.2. Once on location, you will need a small portable table, rock, tree stump etc... to place this on. So again, plan accordingly. Some artists just use their tailgate, or a picnic table. Be creative!3. Consider cover, lighting AND shade when using this box. Because you are using this outside (mostly..), you will want to check the weather and plan accordingly. Most artists bring portable shade canopies, umbrella's, large hats, etc... Sunscreen is always a must in the summer. They also make smaller shade umbrella's that attach to the easel board to shade your artwork from the direct sun. You can usually find them at any art store or here on Amazon.4. Consider the weather!! The weather effects your paint!! Keep that in mind! The weather can dramatically effect your paint. Acrylics don't do well in winter weather...but oils do. So if painting in colder weather with acrylics, a thermos with hot water helps. You can also place your paint tubes in a Tupperware container with a hot pocket chemical warmer. Also... "Hot Hands" makes a thin adhesive coat warmer that I have used before to attach to the back side of my pallet to keep the paint warm. Works great!Overall...- Quality is high!- Box is fantastic, rugged and well built- Comes with basically everything you need from the start- Consider what this will be used for and plan accordingly (i.e.. do I need a table with this? Am I planning to use it outdoors or indoors? etc..)- Above all...You won't be disappointed! The artist you give this to is going to freak-out with delight!!Happy Painting!!!

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