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MEEDEN Artist Oil Painting Set, 7x100ml/3.38oz

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  • ALL-INCLUSIVE OIL SET - The MEEDEN artist oil painting kit, with gift box packaging, is designed for artists, especially art enthusiasts! The set included canvas, paints, brushes, an easel, and drafting supplies. Thanks to the foam protection and the thoughtfully prepared gift package, you may start your artistic adventure from this point, one-stop and safely.
  • CLASSIC FRENCH EASEL- Made of solid German beechwood and anti-rust galvanized hardware, the all-in-one easel will last for years. The top and lower sliders can handle most canvas sizes, and the adjustable angle ranges from 0° to 90°. Its spacious inner storage drawer and exterior leather handle are also great for on-the-go painting.
  • ARTIST-GRADE PAINTS & CANVAS - Artist-grade oil paints, presented by MEEDEN in 2022, are produced of only pigment and medium (7-color 100 ml). It's creamy and has just the appropriate amount of oil after finely grinding and thoroughly mixing, and it'll work perfectly in your masterpiece. Also, you'll save much trouble when you start painting with the provided varied sizes of canvas and canvas pads!
  • UPGRADED BRUSH SET - Handcrafted of high-quality bristle and solid rosewood, this brush set includes 10 various sizes and kinds of brushes, allowing you to quickly make whatever stroke you choose. Quality rosewood and ergonomic handles can add to the whole new experience. It also includes a stainless-steel brush wash cup set.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Marc Dro
Cadeau de Noel

Cadeau donné. La personne qui l'a reçu est très contente. Elle a déjà commencé à peindre.

Excellent for Diving into Oil Painting

This is one of the few paint sets I’ve come across that is specific to oil paints. I’ve used Meeden oils before and they are creamy and the colors are consistent pigments. This set includes a few things others don’t:- Metal brush stand for brushes in use so that paint can stay on brush until that color mix needed again (brush cleaner for oil paints should be purchased separately,- Paint colors for most color palettes, although I recommend also adding a Raw Sienna paint color to cover most needs; they include 2 tubes of white which is helpful, and the paint tubes are large so no need to worry about running out quickly,- The disposable palette sheets are WONDERFUL. They make cleaning up so much easier and I’ve also save them and write next to the colors which colors I mixed to get that color –it’s a great reference for recreating color mixes, especially if I have to stop painting and come back days later and have to recreate the same color blends- The brushes are good for oils and it’s rare when I’ve had to trim stray bristles.- The wrapped canvases, canvas boards, and canvas sheets are the perfect mix to set up for oil painting—they’re all useful.- The portable easel is nice wood and completely adjustable to any surface, height, and uneven surfaces; it’s not only a storage box but it’s also meant for transporting to paint on location. It also makes a good additional desktop easel as needed.Of all the complete paint sets, This is by far the most complete beginning oil paint sets and provides 95% of supplies and tools needed to start with oil paints with decent quality materials, and that’s definitely increases the likelihood of good results.*** Helpful? I rely on customer reviews for all my online purchases, so I hope so! ***

Amazon Customer
Fantastic Purchase

My daughter made this purchase for herself and it is highly recommended.

Windy M.
Holy WOW it's an AWESOME set!

Packaged incredible well and has EVERYTHING you need for painting! I can't say enough about how nice it truly is! The easle is sturdy and made with quality wood. It will fold for storage. The canvases are great quality. Paints, brushes, knives, pallet pad, etc all extremely good! The quality of everything at this price, awesome! 5 ⭐️ for sure! Highly impressed!

Oil paint set

This entire set is pretty cool. I've checked everything out, and I'm impressed. If you dabble in art like me, or have someone in your life that is interested in art I think you can't go wrong with a set like this. It's absolutely perfect for a beginner to intermediate artist that is looking to try out oils for the first time. The set includes just about everything I think you might need. Can't wait for warmer weather so I can take this out on my deck, and start painting again.

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