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MEEDEN Ceramic Tray Palette
Vivienne (Liverpool, GB)
Excellent Quality Products

I have bought Meeden palettes before and have a few different ones now. The quality of their palettes is exceptional with gorgeous glazed ceramic. I bought the tray style this time to give me a larger mixing area and it doesn’t disappoint. A great addition to my artist collection. Vivienne, Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿.

Excellent quality and value

I purchased this after an artist I follow reviewed the watercolour paints. I had bought Meeden products before and the quality has always been outstanding. I bought the set as it was excellent value for money and I haven’t been disappointed. The brushes are gorgeous love the colour nice and springy only drawback there are no sizes on the brushes which would be a downfall for a beginner. The water pot is gorgeous beautifully made ceramic the paints are the most gorgeous hues and blend well creating lovely washes. Meedens watercolour paper block is 100% cotton and is a light grain effect and holds water and paint well. Meeden also included a paper separator in the shape of a leaf which was a lovely touch. I just love Meeden products and are good for any artist, beginner or professional. Vivienne, Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿.

MEEDEN Extra Large Adjustable Artist Easel-DHJ-11
Diana C Brown (East Syracuse, US)
Worth it's weight in gold

Beautiful piece and will be a pleasure to work on...

Melden paints

I'm impressed with the thickness of the paint. The pump is handy but the nozzle needs to be bunged with something so not to dry and block it. Other than that, excellent value and will buy it again.

MEEDEN 3-Tier Storage Art Cart/Trolley-W13
Rhoda Guttenberg (Boca Raton, US)

MEEDEN 3-Tier Storage Art Cart/Trolley-W13

MEEDEN Large H-Frame Adjustable Tabletop Easel
Sarah Harriz (Downingtown, US)
Love my tabletop easel!

This easel is built really well from sturdy wood. It’s attractive, very versatile, it’s stable, and is sanded smooth. I’m very pleased with this purchase.

Some improvements would be nice

Ceramic is great and allows colors to mix well. Paint wells could be smaller so there could be more of them. Like that it’s heavy and stays in place.

MEEDEN 12-Well Ceramic Artist Paint Palette

Lovely drawing table and stool. Nicely constructed. Handsome wood.

MEEDEN Pochade Box
William Ellis (Fort Worth, US)
Meeden Box Easel

Excellent product. However, I had to enhance a few areas (see photos). The brush trey did not fit tight when placed on the side in open status. I added two powerful magnets to hold it securely. The towel holder is a great idea, however, it also is not secure so I drilled dowel holes and added small dowel pins to assist and bring a solid feel, especially in the winds of Texas. The pictures also show a butcher's trey which I added with strong magnets to the pallet trey. This gives me more medium options and ease of cleanup. These are minor additions to this fine product...there are two other enhancements to carry water and mediums not shown...

Beautiful easel

This is a beautiful easel. Very well made, solid, and easy to move around and adjust. Took a little over an hour to assemble. Is even nicer than I anticipated.

Love these drawers

This has been a perfect way to organized oil-based and water-based pencils and crayons so I can keep them straight and put my fingers on them easily.

MEEDEN Versatile Studio H-Frame Easel-W14
Rachel Schmiedel (Middletown, US)
Love my H-Frame Easel!

After researching to find an easel that is adjustable, I came upon this Meeden H-Frame easel. Now that I have had a chance to use it, I want to say I love it! It is sturdy, can be adjusted to many angles, it holds not only very small canvases, but also can hold 2 at one time, and it also can be used flat for varnishing paintings or for watercolor! It also has a small footprint, which is nice. I was notified that the color finish I wanted was out-of-stock after I ordered, but the company notified me immediately, was friendly, and kept me in touch with the timing. I ended up asking for them to give me the dark color finish, which they shipped out immediately - and it arrived quickly. I would totally recommend this easel to everyone!

MEEDEN 3-Well Ceramic Palette, 10'' × 7''
Holly Mitchell (Chesapeake, US)

This is a great size, not too big or too small, and the larger half of it is the perfect size for holding the meeden ceramic divided brush/water dish as well if you like.

MEEDEN Large Artist Porcelain Ceramic Palette
Holly Mitchell (Chesapeake, US)
Excellent ceramic palette

This thing is huge and solid. As good or better than any much more costly ceramic palette EXCEPT THIS NEEDS A LID. Meeden, pleeeease develop a cover for this (and an option to purchase the cover separately) I’ve improvised with a large fabric cube cover but i really want a real lid! I’ve added a smaller ceramic petal palette in the center of mine and can use it there or remove it.

MEEDEN Pochade Box
Diane Dobson Barton (Iola, US)
HIGHLY recommend!

I bought one of these about three years ago, and didn’t get around to using it until two years later. I had real problems with using it, including setting it up on the tripod.

Two years after purchase, I contacted the company and told them my issues and sent video and pics. In learned that in that two year span they had redesigned the connection to the tripod.

Two YEARS after I had originally purchased it, they sent me a new box and tripod, for no charge. Two YEARS

I can’t say enough good about the company! ❤️❤️❤️

MEEDEN Artist Watercolor Field Easel-MDBSCHJ
Marie Brumbach (Loganville, US)
Lightweight and easy to set up

I haven’t actually taken it out to use yet but that’s coming up. One thing I think would be great to improve on is to give us a cup that fits in that holder as I can’t find a suitable one. An alternative would be to make it an adjustable cup holder. Then it would be perfect!

Meeden Large H Frame

Great Product !!

MEEDEN Versatile Studio H-Frame Easel-W14
Roseanne Campagna (Kent, US)
Almost perfect!

I’ve tried several easels, but this one is just right for my current needs. The material is great and was able to assemble easily. The only thing I added is a grip clamp to better secure the sliding trays since they only have one screw knob to hold them in place.

Fantastique great


Great product

Excellent quality and price.

Aluminum Tabletop Easel 15 Colors Acrylic Painting Set
Nathan Tallent (West Richland, US)
high quality paint, good easel, very high value.

Combination of high quality paint and good easel provide very high value.

MEEDEN Versatile Studio H-Frame Easel-W14
Derrick Thornborrow (Hamilton, CA)
Ideal Easel

This easel is versatile and great value. It takes up less floor space than my tripod easel and my art is more secure when I’m working on a piece. The fact that it can hold two projects is ideal. This feature is great for me as I use the top part to hold my reference photo when I’m painting using the lower part. I find the vertical position feature handy when I’m varnishing a completed piece. I like the mobility as I can manoeuvre it in my studio easily.

Sturdy and strong. Can sir or stand comfortably at easle.

The easle is great in every way once put together. It is well made and looks durable. I can sit or stand while working. I can work at 90° or at an angle. I love it, and will recommend to art group.However, the assembly instructions are not clear. My handy husband could figure it out. He only gave assembly instructions a 3 out of 5.

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