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MEEDEN Extra Large Heavy Duty Artist Easel Stand-W11

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🎨 Create Big, Dream Big: Designed for artists with grand visions, our Extra-Large Heavy-Duty H-Frame Easel can securely hold canvas up to a towering 82" high. With adjustable height ranging from 80" (203cm) to 139" (353cm) in vertical tilt, it's built for those who think and work on a large scale.

🌳 Crafted in Solid European Beech Wood: Immerse yourself in the art of creation with our finely handcrafted easel, meticulously sanded to perfection. This deluxe yet functional masterpiece boasts adjustable height masts, ensuring rock-solid stability for your oversized works. The carriage tray effortlessly adjusts using a smooth-gliding metal ratchet mechanism and offers built-in storage to keep your supplies within arm's reach.

🏞️ Mobility Meets Stability: A sturdy base measuring 25½" (65cm) W x 27½" (70cm) D rests on four Locking Silent Caster Wheels, striking the perfect balance between mobility and stability. The bottom bracket can be positioned as low as 23¼" (59cm) and as high as 50" (127cm) from the floor. Whether you prefer to paint sitting on a stool or standing, the MEEDEN art wooden easel offers convenience.

🎨 Adjustable Working Angle: Your creative freedom knows no bounds. Our easel frame's angle can be easily adjusted from vertical to horizontal by simply loosening and tightening the knobs on both sides. Lay it completely flat for watercolors, gesso, or varnishing, or tilt it slightly forward for pastel works.

Elevate your artistry with the MEEDEN Studio Large Easel. Unleash your creativity on an epic canvas, and let your imagination soar to new heights. Your masterpiece awaits! 🌟🖌️


Product Dimension: 25.5 x 27.5 x 80 in / 65 x 70 x 203 cm
Max Height: 139 in / 353 cm
Max Canvas Size: 82 in / 208 cm
Adjustable Angle: 5-90°
Item Weight: 41.9 lbs / 19 kg
Material: Beechwood
Color: Natural

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