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Free Shipping Over 39.9 5USD

MEEDEN Ceramic Tray Palette

SKU PLT-4022
Original price $14.95 - Original price $14.95
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$14.95 - $14.95
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  • VIBRANT QUALITY: MEEDEN's extra-large porcelain palette offers white-glazed, crystal-clear clarity for easily mixing colors!
  • STRIKING DESIGN: With a generous mixing zone and abundant pigment compartments, this palette eliminates the worry of splatter.
  • ALL TECHNIQUES WELCOME: Perfect for acrylics, watercolors, gouache, or any water-based medium; this palette does it all!
  • LIFETIME DURABILITY: Thanks to its glazed finish and porcelain construction, this palette is easy to clean and will never retain pigment if used correctly. Enjoy it for a lifetime

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