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MEEDEN Acrylic Paint Brush Set of 15 Pcs

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  • VARIOUS STYLES: 15 pieces of different shapes and sizes could handle a variety of techniques, which are suitable for most painting scenes and a wide range of projects like acrylic and gouache. Whatever method you are into, it includes all shapes in everyday use.
  • HIGH-QUALITY NYLON BRISTLE: Artist-grade nylon hair provide super polymerization, water absorption, proper elasticity, and long-last durability. Soft and high-tech nylon hair is easy to clean with no bristle losing or shedding and is free from corrosion of acrylic paint & other media.
  • REINFORCED HANDLE: Handcrafted of durable solid birchwood, the comfort-grip handle is suitable for any technique, speed, skill, or style, reducing your fatigue in the creation process. The embedded and reinforced copper ferrule connects the handle and bristle firmly, so it will not be distorted even after long-term use.
  • PORTABLE CASE: Made of quality nylon to settle all your brushes, safe and sound. The case is soft and foldable and can offer a perfect solution for your travel needs on tools. Fold them, unscroll them, and get them vertically - all up to you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jennifer MM
Nice to have, but will not be my go to brushes.

I was impressed from the moment that I received these brushes in the mail. They seemed sturdy in their case and I loved the variety. I do a lot of acrylic painting and to be honest I found them a bit difficult to work with as not only were the handles long, but the bristles were long too. This made it hard to do smaller spots on the canvas. I like a bristle that is somewhere between soft and hard and these leaned a bit more on the soft side. I also found that I had to scrub pretty hard to get them clean after use. The plus is that there were a wide variety of brushes and in different size. They are nice to have, but they will not be my go to regular use brush.

David Dorrell
The bristles are soft, like an artificial sable

The brushes feel to me like sable, not so stiff as many nylon bristle brushes. This makes them ideal for glazing, but the longer bristle brushes are not quite so good for heavy body acrylic work because they flex and lose their shape too easily against the high viscosity paints. The shorter bristles have no problem with heavy body and are still good for low viscosity painting techniques such as glazing.

The ferules are matte metal and as such tend to stain with certain paints. The bristles clean very well. The handles are also matte, seem to be painted in almost a milk paint. They are attractive, well balanced, have a great carrying case and work very well at glazing and fluid painting, but can be used for more heavy body with some success, though if you like a stiffer brush these are not for you. I like them for what they are. I will take one star (actually if allowed it would be a half star) for the matte finishes; they are harder to clean paint off.

Quality set!

I am so excited about these brushes. They are very well made. Perfect set of brushes with a nice carrying case. Clean easily, no hair loss so far. Worth every penny.

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