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MEEDEN Deluxe All-in-one Art Painting Set, 147 Pieces

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  • WHAT'S INSIDE: 1 French easel, 12 x 22ml basic acrylic paints, 12 x 22ml metallic acrylic paints, 24 x 22ml oil paints, 24 x 12ml watercolor paints, 24 x 12ml gouache Paints, 10 oil paintbrushes, 10 watercolor paintbrushes, 10 acrylic paintbrushes, 2 detail paintbrushes, 1 canvas Pad, 1 disposable palette pad, 1 watercolor sketchbook, 1 stretched canvas & panels set, 1 wooden palette, 1 plastic palette, 1 color wheel, 2 palette knives, 1 utility knife, 1 drawing pencil, 1 eraser, 1 plastic box
  • QUALITY FRENCH EASEL: Handcrafted of solid European beech wood with natural texture and anti-rust metal hardware. Fully adjustable height from 57"- 72", suitable for sitting or standing positions. 2-layer storage drawer provides a larger space for your tools to meet your various needs. The shoulder strap makes it portable and an ideal plein air easel!
  • UPGRADED ACCESSORIES: Includes 96 brighter colors and 30 paintbrushes from 4 mainstream techniques - acrylic, oil, watercolor and gouache. Brushes of different sizes and types can fulfill all needs in common. Additionally, accessories from sketching on canvas/ panel to color mixing palettes are provided. All at once, MEEDEN has made it.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY LEVEL: Whether you or your friends are old stagers that want to try something other than the original tech or rookies who haven't made up their minds, the quality, the value, and the perfect gift package will shine in every grand occasion.
  • MEEDEN for ULTIMATE SATISFACTION: MEEDEN is more like a family with hundreds of members wholly dedicated to helping you succeed in your artistic endeavors through high-quality, unique art supplies. And like a family, we stick together, and if anything goes south, you can always rely on MEEDEN, through thick and thin - give us a little sign - a mail, a call, or a message.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Chris Parlato
Very impressive collection.

Was not expecting such a nice product. I was thinking everything would fit inside, however, there is so much stuff you can't pack it inside.

Good price for what you get.

It was my kids favorite birthday present out of everything. Uses everything that was included and has made several paintings.

Anonymity Customer
Great choice for aspiring artist.

The variety of paints and tools is great along with multiple canvases - was purchased as a gift for my 10 year old granddaughter who loves to paint. She was thrilled to have the diverse set of paints and tools and the easel was a highlight she had wanted for over a year - she even put it together by herself she was so excited to start using it.

J. Hipolito
GREAT package for the money

I've taken the plunge to express my creative side, and painting is perfect; great for anxiety, stress and depression. I came across this one and thought, "why not?". I'm looking forward to diving in and following along some youtube tutorials to get the most out of acrylic painting. I probably should have gotten the art set with only acrylics, but I don't regret it. The only downside; be careful, because the photo shows some really nice palette knives. I'm not sure why I received a package of plastic ones instead; I really wanted then ones shown in the photo, so that was a bit disappointing.
I'm thinking the vendor should change the photo to not give the impression of false advertising. I will be investing in better palette knives. (The box also says 144 pieces, not the advertised 155)

The only other advice I have is to include a nice little booklet "getting started" to help us noobs get started.

Julie Vansickle
Amazing quality for the easel and amount of items that comes with it!

The quality of the easel it very nice, thick wood and sturdy. The only thing I changed is where they have a smooth head screw and wing nut inside the storage area I reversed it so the wing nut was outside the storage area so I could get more loaded in the storage space without the wing nut getting in the way. Works great! The storage area is much larger, two levels, than I was expecting and holds all the water color and acrylic paints in the bottom portion and a few left went in the top tray drawer in the back which is totally visible still when the drawer is pulled out all the way. I don’t use oil paints so I didn’t load them into the easel. A trick I used to keep the paints organized and easy to find what color you want fast and not just randomly thrown in, was to actually cut the black tray they came in, for the acrylic paints I divided it so each section was cut to hold four tubes of paint and they lay in the bottom storage areas perfectly and then put a second layer on top of them. The water color tubes are smaller and the black plastic part of the trays fit perfectly only having to cut it in half to fit. The top tray drawer portion it also totally removable & options to put in the provided wooden dividers, which I didn’t because I found it would have a more flexible storage area without them, it holds the pallet knives, color wheel, water color and acrylic paper tablets, pallet paper, plastic paint pallet and wooden paint pallet, which I will use to cover the drawer top once it’s extended out to use that area as a kind of table top to work off of, oh and I put the unfold instructions in there too for reference until I get the hang of it. The paint brushes are legit Artist brushes much to my surprise, they come in their own cases which is nice, if I take them out of the cases there is still room for them in the storage drawer, but I liked how they were in the cases so it will be easy enough to attach a small bag to one of the shoulder strap loops to carry those and any other light weight small items in. Overall I’m very impressed with this brand and product. I will update after I’ve used it a while if I find there is any issues with the longevity of this easel, otherwise it will stand as is a split 5 star review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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