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How to Pick the Right Easel-Types, Tips & Pointers - MEEDEN ART

How to Pick the Right Easel-Types, Tips & Pointers

Art easel is a necessary equipment for artistic creativity. When learning to paint, many art enthusiasts struggle to select an easel that is appropriate for them. This guide could help you to choose the right easel.

Types of Easel

According to the usage scenarios, the easels can be split into three categories: floor easels, tabletop easels, and Plein air easels. Wood and metal are the primary components of easels. For indoor painting, wooden easels are frequently utilized because they are reasonably hefty and solid. Metal easels are frequently used for outdoor sketching since they are retractable, folding, and portable.

The easel's shape can be classified as A-frame or H-frame. The A-frame easel is relatively inexpensive but has less stability. The A-frame easel is a popular choice for beginning artists. If you are a professional painter, the H-shaped easel is the best option. It has a strong bottom and a stable structure, making it ideal for art studios.

Pick from the available materials; pine is lightweight, foldable, affordable, and useful for short-term use. For long-term practical usage, it can be made of beech or oak, both of which have great hardness, are robust and difficult to break. 

MEEDEN easels are made of high-quality beech or oak that is both durable and resistant to damage.

A-Frame Easel

H-Frame Easel

Professional painting scholars can select a small or medium-sized H-shaped easel with a firm bottom that takes up little space and can meet the majority of creative needs.

Professional painters can select a large H-shaped easel with a firm bottom and a multi-functional design that can draw larger-sized works and is suitable for use in the studio. You can select easel models with various functions based on your requirements.

Plein Air Easel (For Outdoor Painting)

The plein air easel is for outdoor painting and should be light, hard, foldable, and high enough to allow you to stand and paint when needed, as well as firm and stable.
Outdoor easels are typically made of metal, are light and easy to fold, and can be adjusted in height and angle to meet the needs of outdoor painting.

There are also wooden plein air easels and easel boxes, which are foldable and easy to carry, and can also be used to hold painting tools.

Tabletop Easel

The tabletop easel saves space and can be used to paint small works, making it ideal for beginners, children's painting, and painting workshops.

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