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Unique Christmas Gifts Ideas 2023: Painting Set Selections for Art Lovers

Unique Christmas Gifts Ideas 2023: Painting Set Selections for Art Lovers

Christmas is just around the corner and you haven't figured out what to get your friends and family? This blog post can help you with that! With this article, you will be able to choose the perfect art present for anyone on your gift-giving list.

Christmas Gift Boxes For Adults


MEEDEN Deluxe All-tech Painting Set, 151Pcs Painting Kit

What makes it a standout present:
  • All-Tech Paints Series: covering oil, acrylic, watercolor, and gouache
  • Two Premium Easels for IN&OUT
  • A Comprehensive Set of Tools

If your friend is a comprehensive enthusiast of various painting styles on your holiday shopping list, the MEEDEN Deluxe All-tech Painting Set is the ultimate Christmas gift. Unwrap a world of creativity with 151 artistic essentials, including a tabletop easel box, an aluminum easel, a spectrum of 96 vibrant paints, and a variety of brushes, canvases, and palettes.

But here's the festive twist – it's not just a set, it's a double delight! The MEEDEN tripod aluminum easel, crafted from lightweight aluminum alloy, promises an exceptional outdoor painting experience – it's portable, weather-resistant, and quick to set up, complete with a convenient carriage bag. Meanwhile, the tabletop easel, made of German beechwood, pulls double duty, perfect for tabletop creation and as a stylish storage solution for art supplies.


MEEDEN Deluxe All-in-one Art Painting Set, 147 Pieces

What makes it a standout present:
  • Versatile and Comprehensive
  • Durable French Easel for Plein Air Painting
  • Perfect for All Skill Levels

No matter if your friend is a seasoned professional or just starting out, as long as they're excited about exploring artistic diversity, this MEEDEN Deluxe All-in-one Art Painting Set is the perfect Christmas gift. Picture the joy on their face as they unwrap this 147-piece set, featuring a durable French easel crafted from European beech wood, adjustable for both sitting and standing positions. Watch their creativity soar with a vibrant palette of 96 colors and 30 paintbrushes across acrylic, oil, watercolor, and gouache categories – perfect for any artistic whim!

But that's not all – this set goes beyond expectations, offering a canvas pad, disposable palette pad, watercolor sketchbook, stretched canvas, palette knives, and more. Imagine the excitement as they embark on a journey of artistic exploration with this all-inclusive kit.


MEEDEN Artist Acrylic Painting Set with Black Tabletop Easel Box

What makes it a standout present:
  • Complete Art Studio in a Box
  • Smooth Acrylic Paints
  • Full Range of Tools

This gift is a must-have for your acrylic-loving friend who thrives on creating art wherever they wander. It boasts a portable art studio in a box, complete with a tabletop easel accommodating canvases up to 27½'' in height. Inside, four removable dividers offer customizable storage, ensuring artists can tailor their workspace to their liking. Featuring nine 60ml tubes of velvety acrylic paint and a tube of titanium white, this set facilitates seamless transitions from palette to canvas, enabling stunning brushwork on diverse surfaces. Additionally, it includes modeling paste, gel medium, and gloss varnish, expanding creative possibilities.

The comprehensive toolset leaves no artistic desire unmet, including high-quality paintbrushes, a disposable palette pad, canvas pad, detail paintbrushes, stretched canvas, canvas panels, palette knives, a drawing pencil, an eraser, and more. This set is a complete artistic haven, perfect for igniting boundless creativity and expression.

 MEEDEN 125 Pcs Acrylic Painting Set, 100 Colors Acrylic Paint

What makes it a standout present:
  • Versatile Solid Tabletop Easel
  • Comprehensive 100-Color Set
  • All-Level Accessibility

If your friend is an acrylic enthusiast who enjoys a wide range of colors, this set is the perfect gift for them. Whether they're a seasoned painter or just starting out, this set offers everything they need in one comprehensive package. From the solid beech tabletop easel to the 100 vibrant 12ml acrylic paints, 10 paint brushes, canvases, and practical tools, this set caters to artists of all levels.

Imagine their delight as they unwrap a gift that not only sparks creativity but also provides endless artistic possibilities. The 100 carefully selected colors, including basics, metallics, and fluorescents, ensure that their wildest imaginations come to life on canvas. With its versatility and thoughtful design, this set is an interactive and engaging gift that will inspire creativity and artistic exploration.

 MEEDEN 44 Pcs Oil Painting Set with Tabletop Easel, 24 x 12ml Oil Paint

What makes it a standout present:
  • High Cost-effectiveness
  • Tabletop BeechwoodEasel
  • Craftsmanship and Versatility

If you're searching for an affordable oil painting present for the artist in your life, the MEEDEN 44 Pcs Oil Painting Set with Tabletop Easel is the ideal option. With its 24 x 12ml oil paint tubes, 10 hog bristle paint brushes, and a range of essential accessories, it provides everything one needs to embark on a creative journey. The handcrafted tabletop H-frame easel, made of quality German beechwood, adds a touch of elegance and practicality, making it an ideal companion for artists of all levels. Whether for family use, travel, or as a thoughtful art gift, this set is designed to spark creativity and bring infinite color and imagination to life. It's a gift that's not just practical but also promises to inspire and engage, making it the perfect choice for the upcoming holiday season.

The upgraded must-haves, including artist-grade oil paints with creamy consistency and stable hues, alongside premium-quality canvas and essential tools, ensure that this set will be the recipient's sharpest tool in the shed. Its versatility and inclusivity make it an ideal present for anyone with a passion for art.

MEEDEN Oil Paint Set with Brushes & Canvas Pad, 24 Tubes, 22 ml / 0.74 oz

What makes it a standout present:
  • Exceptional Oil Paint Quality
  • Long-Lasting and Non-Toxic
  • Superior Craftsmanship

Looking for a Christmas gift for an oil painting enthusiast? An excellent option is the MEEDEN Oil Paint Set with Brushes & Canvas Pad.

This premium set includes 24 rich and vibrant oil colors, each carefully selected for their excellent coverage and long-lasting vibrancy. The set also comes with ten high-quality hog bristle brushes, perfect for creating characteristic strokes and adding depth to their artwork. The non-toxic certification ensures safety for artists of all ages, making it a great gift for anyone with a passion for painting.

Whether they're a beginner or an experienced painter, this set provides all the tools they need to unleash their creativity and create stunning oil masterpieces. The included canvas pad offers the perfect surface for their artistic endeavors.

Christmas Gift Boxes For Kids

MEEDEN Kids Beechwood Art Easel with Double-Sided Standing Blackboard & White Board

What makes it a standout present:
  • Well-constructed and perfectly made
  • Rich Accessories
  • Education and Fun at the Same Time

Searching for educational and fun gifts for your kids? Check out this extensive and well-rounded set! This set comes complete with a treasure trove of art supplies! From 10 vibrant color whiteboard pens to 6 washable finger paints, 4 chalks, a designed apron, board erasers, magnetic figures, a paper roll, paint brushes, plastic brush washer cups, a plastic palette, and storage baskets – it's an all-in-one package.

Not only does it make for a fantastic Christmas gift, but it's also an excellent educational tool. The double-sided blackboard and whiteboard, along with the included magnetic figures, provide an engaging platform for learning math, figures, and color recognition. Parents can even join in on the fun by playing word and arithmetic games with their little ones, enhancing parent-child communication and fostering creativity.

MEEDEN Double Sided Art Easel Set for Kids

What makes it a standout present:
  • Height adjustable
  • Double-sidedDrawing Board
  • Large Storage Space

Need an art tool to grow with the kids and immerse them in art throughout their childhood? This kit will not let you down! It includes a kid's easel, three individual 18''×65 feet paper rolls, 6 colors of 35ml kid's skin-friendly washable finger paints, 12 whiteboard pens, chalks, a storage bag, paint cups, foam letters & round buttons, paintbrushes, plastic palette, art smock, and a board eraser. It's a complete package that sparks imagination and keeps your child engaged for hours.

The double-sided drawing board adds to the excitement, allowing kids to enjoy the functionality of both a dry-erase board and a chalkboard. Whether they're spelling alphabet letters and numbers or doodling with sidewalk chalks, the possibilities are endless. Pulling down the paper roll gently provides a canvas for continuous joy in painting, making it perfect for families with more than one child to draw and play simultaneously.

Height adjustable from 30'' to 50'', this easel will "grow" with your little ones. The spacious tray and storage bag optimize space for sorting painting tools and other art supplies, keeping everything organized and easily accessible.

MEEDEN Solid Pine Wood Kids Double-Sided Art Easel

What makes it a standout present:
  • Ruggedness and Durability
  • 100% Non-toxic and Harmless
  • Packed with Content

Made from sturdy pine wood, this easel is not only durable but also a charming addition to any room. What makes this easel special is the abundance of accessories it comes with. From 12 colorful whiteboard pens to a set of letters and numbers, a paper roll, eraser, and more – everything your little artist needs. The double-sided design allows two kids to create at the same time, encouraging collaboration.

With two storage baskets and a thoughtful design, it keeps art supplies organized and enhances the learning experience. It's not just a gift; it's a source of education and fun combined.

From adults to children, from the vivid hues of acrylics to the classic charm of oil, MEEDEN's offerings provide endless possibilities for gift options. Unwrap the gift of artistic potential this Christmas with MEEDEN–where every stroke tells a story.

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