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MEEDEN Art Easel Selection Guide - From Beginners to Professional Artists

MEEDEN Art Easel Selection Guide - From Beginners to Professional Artists

MEEDEN has gained renown for its impeccable craftsmanship and exceptional quality in easels, setting a gold standard in the art world. Whether you're a novice exploring the world of art or an experienced professional, an easel stands as an indispensable tool for your creative pursuits. So how do you choose the ideal easel among the multitude of options? In this blog post we have compiled a few of MEEDEN's best-selling and most popular easels. Whether you're choosing one for yourself or as a thoughtful gift, we believe this compilation will serve as a valuable reference.

1. Select a Floor Easel for Indoor Painting

(1) Easels for artists at all levels

MEEDEN Versatile Studio H-Frame Artist Easel-W14

Reason for recommending this easel:

  • Personalized Painting Experience with Versatility
  • Deluxe yet Functional
  • Effortless Mobility and Stability

This easel stands out as an excellent option for art enthusiasts or their friends who revel in the creation of expansive artworks. Boasting an adaptable height and angle, this easel promises a customized painting experience suitable for artists at any skill level. Crafted from smoothly sanded beechwood, its deluxe and functional design introduces a touch of opulence to any art studio. The addition of large rolling wheels not only facilitates effortless mobility but also contributes to the overall stability, elevating the painting experience.

Designed with a wide stance and a robust foundation, this easel is particularly well-suited for those engaged in large-scale projects. The adjustable mast, accompanied by inclusive tools, ensures that it caters to the diverse painting needs of artists. Whether one is passionate about creating grand masterpieces or simply values top-notch art supplies, this versatile easel is certain to leave a lasting impression.

MEEDEN Extra Large Heavy Duty Artist Easel Stand-W11

Reason for recommending this easel:

  • Securely Holds Towering 82" Canvases
  • Crafted in Solid European Beech Wood
  • The Ideal Combination of Large and Heavy Duty

If you or a cherished artist in your life possesses a grand vision, our large, sturdy easels are the ideal choice. Designed to securely accommodate towering 82" canvases, this easel is tailor-made for those who thrive on thinking and working on an expansive scale. Meticulously crafted from solid European Beech Wood, this finely handcrafted easel features adjustable height masts, providing rock-solid stability for oversized works of art.

The perfect fusion of mobility and stability is achieved through its robust base and the inclusion of locking silent caster wheels. This thoughtful design ensures convenience whether one is painting while seated on a stool or standing. Furthermore, the easel's adjustable working angle adds an extra layer of creative freedom, making it a truly interactive and considerate gift for any serious artist.

MEEDEN Classic Heavy Duty H-Frame Artist Easel-Dark Walnut-DW01

Reason for recommending this easel:

  • Holds Canvas up to 78" in Height
  • Adjustable Angle for Versatile Use
  • Foldable and Space-saving

Are you in search of a spacious easel that effortlessly folds for convenient transport? The MEEDEN Classic Heavy Duty H-Frame Artist Easel is a highly appealing option. Crafted with precision from seasoned beechwood, this robust easel accommodates canvases up to 78" in height and 44 lbs in weight, making it a reliable choice for professional artists working with broader and thicker canvases. Its adjustable angle and central canvas tray cater to various artistic preferences, making it particularly well-suited for pastel and portrait work.

Beyond its impressive functionality, the easel's foldable design enhances its practicality and space-saving features, making it an excellent choice for both seasoned artists and beginners alike. The super stable design of the easel is characterized by a firm base, double-thicked central column, and rubber feet, ensuring unwavering stability for large canvases without any risk of sliding or shaking during the painting process. To further elevate its appeal, the easel comes equipped with built-in storage for art supplies, adding an element of convenience and practicality for artists of all levels.

MEEDEN Large Artist Easel with Large Storage Tray-W02

Reason for recommending this easel:

  • Natural and Sturdy Solid Wood Construction
  • Adjustable Height and Angle Design
  • Convenient Storage Tray for Art Supplies

Let's explore this versatile easel designed to accommodate artists of all levels. With an impressive height extension up to 100" and adjustable from 71", this easel accommodates canvases up to 48" in size. Its sleek and simple design brings an element of elegance to any studio. The sturdy base, supported by four locking casters, strikes a perfect balance between mobility and stability, making it an excellent choice for artists who value both.

Enhancing practicality, the easel features a large storage tray with a smooth-gliding metal ratchet mechanism, allowing easy adjustments for art supplies. Whether painting from a stool or standing, this easel caters to the convenience of the artist. The adjustable-height mast, controlled by a secure ratchet mechanism and capable of tilting to any angle, adapts to various mediums and painting styles. Handcrafted with precision and finished in a light clear coat, this easel seamlessly blends deluxe aesthetics with functionality, making it an ideal companion for any creative space.

(2) Professional Artists Easel

MEEDEN Deluxe Multi-Function Heavy Duty Large Artist Easel-DHJ-3

Reason for recommending this easel:

  • Superior Quality
  • Professional Structural Design
  • Easy to Use and Versatile

In search of a professional easel? Here's one you can't afford to overlook. Crafted from premium European beech wood, this easel offers a delicate hand feeling and clear wood grain, elevating the painting experience to new heights. Its professional design allows for multiple angles and tilting adjustments, reducing fatigue during artistic creation and inspiring diverse composition ideas.

Equipped with high-quality PU casters and brakes, changing your painting environment becomes a seamless process. The easel's large ergonomic star knobs and anti-bump design ensure durability and convenience, making it an ideal gift for professionals, senior artists in large studios, and experienced hobbyists alike. With a generous size capable of holding artworks up to 78.7", accompanied by clear graphic instructions for easy installation, this interactive and versatile easel is certain to inspire creativity and artistic exploration.

MEEDEN Deluxe Studio Large Rocker Crank Heavy Duty Artist Easel-DHJ-12

Reason for recommending this easel:

  • Premium Solid Beech Wood Construction
  • Super Practical Function
  • Industrial-style with Practical Functionality

Explore the versatility of our industrial design easel—an excellent choice for unleashing your creativity in various settings. Meticulously crafted from top-tier materials, this wooden easel boasts a three-layer structural frame design, embodying robustness and enduring strength. With an elegant design that allows height adjustment from 58" to 118", it provides a range of versatile angles, including a horizontal position, catering to the convenience of artists who wish to work on two canvases simultaneously.

The unique industrial-style heavy-duty stand features a metal crank handle and screw rod design, infusing an air of mystery and ease into the artistic process. Equipped with casters featuring brake pads, this easel ensures quiet and floor-friendly movement, adding a practical and enjoyable dimension to the toolkit of professional artists.

MEEDEN Deluxe Crank Adjusting Master Artist Easel Stand- W15S

Reason for recommending this easel:

  • Versatile Atmosphere
  • New Retro Style with Practical Features
  • Fully Adjustable and Feature-Rich

In need of a top-tier professional easel? This is one you can't miss. Its adjustable height, controlled by a classic crank mechanism, ensures stability for any canvas. This easel employs heavy-duty capacity and a silent technique, making it both stunning and practical.

With over 90° angle adjustment using two fly nuts, this easel extends up to 98'' in height, accommodating canvases or panels up to 83''. The heavy-duty H-frame construction caters to professional artists working with various mediums. Not just a basic easel, it includes two large side drawers and a front tray for convenient art supply storage. Plus, mobility is a breeze with four 360° silent castors, two of which have locking brakes for stability during your creative process.

2.Select a Floor Easel for Outdoor Painting

MEEDEN Tripod Plein Air Painting Easel with Carrying Case-W07E
Reason for recommending this easel:
  • Stylish and Sturdy
  • Versatile Canvas Positioning
  • Portability and Convenience

Looking for an outdoor easel that seamlessly combines sturdiness, portability, and stylish design? Look no further–this one is tailored to meet your artistic requirements. Effortlessly transitioning between vertical and horizontal compositions, the versatile Easel features a pivoting canvas holder that caters to plein air painters working with sketches, watercolors, or oils. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this easel seamlessly moves from the studio to nature. After your artistic session, it conveniently collapses into a compact unit, neatly fitting into the provided heavy-duty canvas bag.

Suitable for acrylics, oils, or watercolors, it is a versatile companion for artists of all preferences. The custom carrying case, measuring 38”L x 5 3/4”W x 5 3/4”W, adds an extra layer of convenience, allowing you to transport and protect your easel with ease, ensuring tools are always ready for your next creative endeavor.

 MEEDEN Solid Beech Wood Plein Air French Easel, Foldable & Spacious -HX-3
Reason for recommending this easel:
  • Multifunctional Design
  • Durable and Travel-Friendly
  • Adaptable and Comfortable to Use

For artists seeking a harmonious blend of functionality and portability, this easel is an exquisite choice. This foldable easel is a perfect companion for on-location artists, combining a sketchbox, easel, and canvas carrier. Lightweight yet sturdy, it boasts a spacious 4-compartment interior with removable slats for efficient art supply storage.

Crafted from durable beech wood, the easel is equipped with anti-rust galvanized clasps, a comfortable leather handle, and 3 rubber feet for enhanced stability. Its adjustable height (57"-72"), trays accommodating canvases up to 34", and a versatile easel board cater to a variety of painting styles. The tripod wood easel effortlessly transforms into a table easel with a front drawer, providing convenience whether you're painting at home, in the studio, or on the go.

 MEEDEN Plein Air Pochade Box with Tripod

Reason for recommending this easel:

  • Vintage and Elegant Appearance
  • Ample Storage Space
  • Easy and Convenient Installation

Ever dreamed of effortlessly crafting your own mobile art space? The Plein Air Pochade Box can turn that dream into reality. Crafted for the traveling artist, this all-in-one adjustable masterpiece transforms into a French easel outdoors and a tabletop easel indoors through its sturdy aluminum tripod and rubber bumpers. With three spacious compartments, including a sliding wood palette and a paintbrush holder, you can carry 3-4 canvas panels effortlessly.

Experience the ease of adjusting angles with the hinged arm, accommodating even flat positions for watercolor painting. The anti-rust star knobs ensure firm and precise adjustments. The specially designed Travel Aluminum Tripod and Quick Release Plate simplify the attachment of your pochade box – a secure and wobble-free setup for the artistic journey.

3. Tabletop Easel

MEEDEN Artist Tabletop Easel with Metal Lined Drawer-W05B

Reason for recommending this easel:

  • High-Quality and Durable Build
  • Versatile and Convenient
  • Perfect for Travel

For those in need of a portable travel easel, this tabletop version is an absolute essential. Combining elegance with durability, this easel effortlessly accommodates large canvases, independently adjusting to a height of up to 34 inches. Featuring two trays and stable sliders, it's the perfect companion for on-the-go painting and drawing, catering to the needs of Studio Artists, Plein Air Artists, Art Students, and Beginners alike.

Adding a layer of functionality, the integrated drawer, lined with aluminum and equipped with adjustable dividers, allows artists to organize their supplies to suit their preferences. Compact and travel-friendly, the easel measures 16.5" W × 14.2" D × 4.75" H when folded and weighs a mere 9 lbs. With no assembly required, it's the ideal choice for artists who revel in creating on the move.

MEEDEN Portable & Adjustable Tabletop Easel

Reason for recommending this easel:

  • Versatile Adjustability
  • Thoughtful and Organized
  • Multipurpose

Seeking a versatile desktop easel that has the flexibility to switch between usage scenarios? Check out this easel! This tabletop easel boasts not only strength and dependability but also exquisite craftsmanship with a polished finish. It comes with six adjustable settings, allowing artists to work from a flat surface to a 70° angle. The easel also includes a drafting T-square, providing flexibility for various drawing methods.

Measuring 18½" x 14¼" (47 x 36cm), this easel is compact and versatile. Ideal for painting, drawing, sketching, and drafting, it doubles as a bookstand or tablet/laptop holder. Features include an elastic band for securing papers, a built-in ledge for organizing tools, and non-skid rubber feet for stability. Perfect for tabletop artists who appreciate flexibility in drawing angles.

MEEDEN Solid Beech Wood Tabletop Easel, Art Easel with Storage-HBX-3

Reason for recommending this easel:

  • Adjustable and Efficient
  • Versatile and Portable
  • Stable and Compact

Want to find an affordable compact tabletop easel? You can't go wrong with this one! What sets this easel apart is its portable design, allowing artists to create both indoors and outdoors effortlessly. The wooden easel comes with a sketch box featuring removable dividers, providing customizable storage for brushes, paints, and tools. This considerate design ensures artists can carry essential materials wherever inspiration strikes.

The adjustable canvas holder accommodates any vertical or horizontal angle, while lockable side supports guarantee stability during the creative process. Fully extended, the easel measures 10.5'' W x 14.5'' D x 26'' H; when folded, it's a compact 10.5'' W x 14.5'' D x 4.1'' H, weighing just 3.3 lbs. Practical for artists and a delightful gift, this easel combines functionality with a touch of artistic elegance.


MEEDEN Large Adjustable Artist Tabletop Easel Sketchbox

Reason for recommending this easel:

  • Sturdy and Well-Made
  • Convenient and Portable
  • Secure and Organized Storage

This tabletop easel excels in providing stable object support and efficient storage. Not only is it well-crafted and visually appealing, but it also boasts a robust design, ensuring a seamless painting experience. The top features four recline positions, each securely latched for easy carrying. Wooden drawers come equipped with slots for tools and supplies, complemented by individual latches for secure storage.

It strikes the perfect balance between practicality and portability. The addition of locks on the drawers and easel stand ensures worry-free transportation of your art supplies. When folded, it conveniently measures 16.5'' W x 11'' D x 5'' H, making it compact for both storage and travel.

MEEDEN Large H-Frame Adjustable Tabletop Easel

Reason for recommending this easel:

  • Solid and Stable
  • Fully Adjustable and User-Friendly
  • Versatile Functionality

For a versatile tabletop easel, this one is a must-see. With an adjustable range from 85° vertical to horizontal, it suits various painting styles like pastels, portraits, and watercolors. The height-adjustable bottom tray adds flexibility, preventing strain during long sessions. Designed for stability and ease, it features a large base, rubber feet, eco-friendly wood hinges, and rust-resistant electroplated metal knobs.Catering to a variety of creative requirements, it stands out as both user-friendly and durable.

Perfect for beginners, students, and professional artists, this versatile tabletop easel effortlessly fulfills multiple purposes. Whether employed for painting, showcasing artwork, framing photographs, or functioning as a book or tablet holder, it seamlessly adapts to diverse creative needs. Following an extended painting session, unwind and appreciate your masterpiece or indulge in your favorite shows with this versatile easel.

MEEDEN Tabletop Easel with Storage Drawer & Palette-XHC-1A

Reason for recommending this easel:

  • Portable Mini Studio
  • Affordability and Functional
  • Comprehensive Painting Kit

Want to have your own small art studio anytime, anywhere? This versatile and affordable mini studio is perfect for both home and on-the-go creativity. Its strong and reliable wood design, accommodating canvases up to 11" by 14", ensures a pleasurable painting experience. The added storage drawer with compartments, wooden paint palette, and adjustable canvas holder with a leather strap make it a comprehensive painting solution.

Not just for painting, this multipurpose easel doubles as a book stand or tablet display, ideal for drawing on location, in class, or at work. Plus, its fully collapsible design of 13¼"W x 10¼"D x 2"H makes it convenient and portable.

What is your favorite type of easel? Is there any other question you'd like to know? Let us know in the comments!

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