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Watercolor Painting Idea For Beginner- Flower Painting Step By Step-by Diane Atone - MEEDEN ART

Watercolor Painting Idea For Beginner- Flower Painting Step By Step-by Diane Antone

Flower watercolor painting are popular among artists, and today, we have the pleasure of learning how to paint Black Eyed Susans with Diane Antone. 

Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your skills, this lesson is a perfect opportunity to join Diane Antone and embark on a creative journey as we learn to paint Black Eyed Susans in watercolor.


Step 1: The first step is to sketch the outline using a watercolor pencil, giving a rough shape. I used a yellow watercolor pencil to line out the shape of flower. This way, after applying color, the linework will blend with the pigments. I hope you could see the outline, since the color I use is lighter. It may not be well pronounced. Let just move to the next step.

Step 2: I use gamboge and pale yellow to mix the color for the petals. Shape the petal with the outline, and use orange to show the shadow of the petals. 

Step 3: Use a little bit of brown with black to create the color for the flower's center. Quickly dab the shape of the stamen with the brush. Then, deepen the shadow of the flower using a little bit of brown.

Step 4: Use the same technique, paint the other flowers. Deepen the center and shadows of the flowers with a shade of orange.

Then, use the same technique to dab the shape of the stamen. 

Step 5: Use green and yellow to create the color for the branches. Then, use a smaller round brush to gently outline the stems of the flowers.

Then use a darker shade of green to paint the leaves. Here's a handy color mixing tip: adding black to yellow can create a beautiful deep green color, perfect for painting flower leaves.

Step 6: Let the painting dry for a while, then use a fineliner to outline the flower centers. Make it fuzzy.

Step 7: Gently trace the leaf veins with a deep green color, feel free to let your strokes flow naturally.

Now you get a beautiful flower watercolor painting!

You could see the detailed video here:

To learn more watercolor painting ideas you could visit the YouTube channel of Diane Antone @DianeAntoneStudio and her website.

If you'd like to learn more about painting and related topics, feel free to leave a comment in the section below. We're more than happy to provide you with additional fascinating learning resources and painting materials.

Happy painting!

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Lynnelle - August 21, 2023

Love this – I am going to try it tomorrow!

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