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Free Shipping On Orders Over 39.95 USD
MEEDEN Art Space Sharing Event

Share Your Art Space and Win MEEDEN Prize!🎨

Art spaces serve as essential havens for artists to capture inspiration and embark on their creative journeys. We believe that your art space is not just a physical location but a reflection of your individuality and artistic spirit. It's where ideas come to life, and every stroke tells a story. At MEEDEN, we encourage everyone to showcase their artistic individuality. Now, join our event on Instagram – it's super easy!

Share pictures of your art space and stand a chance to win fabulous MEEDEN prizes. Whether it's your painting desk, art studio, or any space related to art, we want to see it!

🎮How to enter

Follow and comment (e.g., 'Posted my art space' for winner selection)

✅Create a post, upload a photo of your art space + our event poster or screenshot. Use hashtags: #meeden #artspacewithmeeden and tag us so we can find you.


🥇1 x W14 Floor Easel (From photos featuring MEEDEN products)MEEDEN Versatile Studio H-Frame Artist Easel W14
🥈2 x Tabletop Easels (From photos featuring MEEDEN products)

MEEDEN Large Studio Artist Sketching Tabletop Easel

🥉10 x $20 Gift Cards (Randomly selected)

MEEDEN Gift Card $20


● Selected art space photos will be shared on our social media, with a mention to the creators.

● Gift cards valid only for UK/US/AU/CA

● Announcement Date: February 1st, 2024

Through showcasing your art space, you not only have the opportunity to win exciting prizes but also engage and interact with a community of fellow art enthusiasts, collectively exploring the boundless possibilities of art. Whether you are a professional artist or an enthusiastic hobbyist, we warmly welcome your participation in this exciting event. Let your art space shine!
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