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Halloween Drawings

Unlock Your Creativity with Halloween Art: Spooky Pencil Drawing Ideas

Happy Halloween! Today, we are going to embrace the spirit of Halloween and create a captivating pencil drawing. Halloween is filled with various iconic elements such as pumpkins, candles, skulls, witch hats, and candy corn, just to name a few. Fantastic! Let's harness our imagination and select a few of these elements to incorporate into our artwork. Additionally, we need to choose a central element that will take center stage in our composition. It could be a castle, the moon, or even a pumpkin – it all depends on your personal preference. For this demonstration, we chose a pumpkin as the main focal point, along with secondary elements like a spooky tree, spider webs, a black cat, bats, ghosts, and tombstones. Are you ready for some Halloween art inspiration? Let's begin our creative journey!


Part1: How to Draw a Pumpkin Easy Step by Step

Firstly, we start drawing the Halloween pumpkin. Since the pumpkin is the main element, let's place it in the middle of the composition, taking up a large area.


Step 1 - Drawing the Basic Shape:

Start by drawing an oval shape in the middle of your paper. This will be the main body of the Halloween pumpkin. Next, draw two vertical lines inside the oval to mark the position of the facial features. Towards the top of the oval, draw a stem for the pumpkin and embellish the lines around it to give it a raised appearance.


How to draw a  pumpkin easy

Step 2 - Creating the Pumpkin's Shape:

Starting from the middle of the pumpkin, draw another oval shape. Then, on each side of this oval, draw a half-oval shape. Pay attention to the starting and ending points of the lines. These shapes will form the overall shape of the pumpkin.


How to draw a  pumpkin

Step 3 - Adding Facial Features:

Now, let's give our pumpkin some personality by adding facial features. Let your imagination run wild and experiment with different facial expressions and details. You can use simple shapes like triangles and semicircles. Alternatively, you can refer to other Halloween pumpkin face references for inspiration.


how to draw a Halloween pumpkin easy

Step 4 - Refining the Outline:

Adjust the outline of the pumpkin by erasing any unnecessary lines. Clean up the drawing and make sure the proportions are correct.


halloween doodles

Step 5 - Adding Depth:

To make the pumpkin look more three-dimensional, we can add some shading using a pencil. For the base layer, use slanted cross-hatching lines. As for the surface layer, try to follow the natural contours and veins of the pumpkin, emphasizing some areas and softening others.


cute halloween drawings


Part2: How to Draw a Spooky Tree

In the spirit of Halloween, why not add some eerie trees to your artwork? Next, let's draw a black Halloween tree on the left side of the composition.


Step 1 - Creating the Tree's Shape

Imagine the bare branches of a winter tree and use a pencil to roughly sketch the trunk and branches. Feel free to draw twisted and creepy-looking branches to enhance the spooky atmosphere.


how to draw a spooky tree easy

Step 2 - Adding Stark Details:

Use sharp and harsh lines to add details, emphasizing the withered look of the tree. This will give the tree a sense of barrenness and enhance its eerie appearance.


how to draw a halloween tree

Step 3 - Adding Depth:

To heighten the horror factor, use a pencil to add some shading and curved and twisted smaller branches to the main branches of the tree. This will create a tangled and menacing effect, adding to the overall spooky ambiance.


Halloween drawing-black halloween tree


Part 3: How to Draw a Spider Web and a Spider


To further enhance the decrepit and eerie atmosphere of our spooky tree, we can add some spider webs and spiders. Let's start by learning how to draw a spider web.

We'll begin by drawing intersecting lines as the main framework, then gradually add inward-bending curved lines layer by layer. It's as simple as that! We can adjust the angles of the intersecting lines to create an irregular web structure for a more realistic look. 


How to draw a spider web easy
How to draw a spider web

Now, let's proceed to add spider webs and spiders to our spooky tree.


Step 1 - Drawing Main Framework of the Spider Web:

We can mark eight points on the branches and twigs of the tree and connect them to form four intersecting lines.


halloween drawings easy

Step 2 - Adding Layers to the Web:

Add 3 to 5 layers of curved lines to the spider web. We can also repeat the step on higher branches to draw smaller spider webs and enrich the composition.


Halloween drawing

Step 3 - Drawing the Spider:

Choose a random point on the spider web and draw a vertical line downwards. At the end of the line, draw a small spider. Use two circles, one large and one small, to represent the spider's abdomen and head respectively. Then, add spider legs from the middle of its body. If your spider is large enough, you can also add eyes for extra detail.


How to draw a spider


Part 4: How to Draw a Halloween Cat

What would Halloween be without a black cat? Let's add a startled black cat under the tree, scared by the spiders.


Step 1 - Sketching the Basic Form:

Using simple circles and triangles, draw the head and ears of the cat. For the body, draw a curved arc to represent the startled posture of the cat. Add simple legs and a straight tail.


how to draw halloween cat easy

Step 2 - Refining the Details:

Connect the body of the cat, adding eyes and whiskers. Make the fur on the tail stand up straight.


how to draw a scared cat

Step 3 - Adding Spookiness:

Color the cat black and make the fur around the outline stand on end to make it appear spookier.


halloween black cat and halloween spider


Part 5: How to Draw a Tombstone

Now let's move to the bottom right corner of the composition, where we can draw some tombstones.


Step 1 - Sketching the Shapes:

Start by drawing small mounds of dirt at the bottom using curved lines. Then, based on your preference, draw tombstones of various shapes such as crosses, rectangles, semi-circles, triangles, etc.


how to draw a tombstone easy

Step 2 - Adding Details:

Add thickness to the simple geometric shapes of the tombstones. You can write some text on the surface of the tombstones or draw skulls. For added creepiness, you can draw bones on the mounds of dirt next to the tombstones or depict claws emerging from the ground. Lastly, add some cracks to the tombstones to make them look weathered and worn.


easy halloween drawings

Step 3 - Adding Shading to the Tombstones:

The surfaces that are illuminated by moonlight can be lightly shaded, while the backlit areas should have darker shading. You can also add some weeds on the dirt mounds to make them look more desolate and abandoned.


Halloween doodle - halloween tombstones

Part 6:  How to Draw an Ghost Easy

Halloween is not complete without some ghosts haunting the graveyard! Let's add some simple ghosts floating above the tombstones.


Step 1 - Sketching the Outline:

Start by drawing the outline of a floating ghost. Draw a round head and use wavy lines for the lower part, representing the flowing form of the ghost.


How to draw a ghost easy

Step 2 - Adding Details:

Add eyes and a mouth to the ghost. Give the lower part of the ghost some folds to create a sense of movement. To make it less lonely, We also added a drop-shaped soul as its companion. They seem to be startled by each other, just adds to the spooky fun!


How to draw a ghost

Step 3 - Adding Shading:

Add some shading to the backlit areas of the ghost to create depth and dimension. Since the ghost is white, we won't shade it too dark. You can also add some ghostly flames or orbs around the ghost to enhance the supernatural vibe.


halloween ghost

Part 7:  How to Draw a Bat

To complete our Halloween-themed artwork, let's add some bats in the sky. We started by drawing a circle to represent the moon, creating a scene of a bat flying with the moon on its back.


Step 1 - Sketching the Body and Wings:

For each bat, we only need four simple triangles to build the body structure. Use two straight lines to indicate the position of the wings. Let's draw three bats in different stages of flight, showing the wings in upward, middle, and downward positions.


How to draw a bat easy

Step 2 - Refining the Head and Wings:

Now let's give the bat's head a more rounded shape and add eyes. Pay attention to the wings of the bat - there is a thumb-like protrusion at the upper part, while the rest of the wing is connected with curved lines.


How to draw a bat

Step 3 - Adding Details and Shading:

Fill in the bats with black, leaving the eyes exposed as they glow in the darkness. We can also add a few smaller bats in the distance to create a sense of a bat colony. They are often seen flying together at night.


halloween bat



To add the finishing touches to your Halloween-themed artwork, consider using translucent colors such as colored pencils or watercolors. Adding a subtle yellow glow to objects like pumpkin lanterns, the moon, and ghostly flames can enhance the atmosphere of the scene. Of course, you can also experiment with blue, green, or even purple to create a more haunting ambiance. With these final touches, your Halloween-themed pencil drawing is complete.


halloween drawing ideas-Halloween background

We encourage you to unleash your creativity and try creating your own artwork! Let your imagination run wild and have fun capturing the spirit of Halloween in your artwork. Happy Halloween and happy drawing!


Feel free to leave your comments and ideas or upload your artwork to our website. For more Halloween inspiration, check out the collection of Halloween clipart elements.


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